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An innovative, global university, Southern Californian International University is known for providing equal access regardless of socioeconomic status or income, area of residence, gender, race, age through its online distance education technologies and preparing students for the jobs of the future. The modern use of electronic educational technology facilitates distance learning and independent learning by the extensive use of information and communications technology. Our virtual communities, will replace successfully a physical classroom. So, no matter where you are in the world, you can stay connected to the University and old friends, through our global network of alumni groups.

We connect the world brightest minds. So you will develop skills and gain exposure to experiences that will set you apart in the jobs market.

Study anytime, at home or from your office!

Online distance education offers the possibility to study regardless of where you live. Enjoy time and place flexibility.

Check your progress monitoring charts!

Motivate yourself by checking progress monitoring charts! You get all informations about your evolution in real time.

Learn at your own pace, without stress!

Study independently without stress. You decide yourself when to study. Learn at a pace that works for you.

Experience USA learning with 0 travel costs!

Our internal forum allow you connect anytime with teachers and thousands of other students.

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Transfer Credits for Experience Knowledge to Earn a Degree

Graduate easy and faster

Have you ever spent all day working, but at the end, after at least eight hours of straight desk time, you had to study for your exams? We will help you claim credits for the knowledge you already have. In other words we help you get up to 80% of your degree with our evaluation for your experience.

Save thousands of dollars

You can earn many credits toward your associate or bachelor’s degree. Southern Californian International University allows you to apply relevant learning, work and life experiences to earn up to 80% credits.

Only $299 fee to get up to 80% of your degree!

Study smarter, not harder! Get up to 0% of your degree with our evaluation of experience!

Our Students Success Formula

We built a distance education program that made it easy for students like you to achieve a degree with good grades and extra knowledge.

Credits for Work and Life Experience

Save thousands of dollars getting your evaluation of Prior Learning Assessment for a small fee by using your work and life experience knowledge!

Help & Support

With our internal forum you can connect anytime with teachers and thousands of other students, debate ideas, discuss course material and get help mastering concepts.


Each course is like an interactive textbook quizzes and projects. You will avoid travel cost, learn at your pace, anywhere, anytime and motivate yourself by checking the progress monitoring charts.

Degree & Certificates

You will earn your degree easy and get international experience for your CV.

To apply to our evaluation of experience or buy any program or course we require registration.

After registration, it takes up to 30 days to verify your documents.

Our Journey Together

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Claim the evaluation for work and life experience knowledge!

Our Credits for Work and Life Experience Program is optional.

Payment options:

  • Purchase all the program and enjoy 15% discount,
  • Separately fee for Each Course.

Based on your credits for work experience you will get up to 80% program discount.

Enjoy full acces, 24/7, to our online platform, including:

  • test results and evolution charts,
  • students forum,
  • all your courses,
  • teachers support.

Earn your degree easy and get international experience for your CV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regular registration 199$ one time fee.

Free registration until January 15, 2017.

Payment options:

  • Purchase all the program and enjoy 15% discount
  • Separately fee for Each Course.

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Learner Stories from Around the World


Amelia Lawrence, Florida, USA

“I met a lot of students, I made friends and we spread our joy of learning.”

Amanda Moore

Amanda Moore, Canada

“I will graduate next summer and I can’t describe my emotions. I feel so proud of myself because I did this without my parents help.”

Bruce Mora

Bruce Mora, Australia

“Southern Californian International University is much more than a simple university, it is the ticket to a better life.”

Lee Anna

Lee Anna, Korea

“My degree helped me tremendously in getting my present job.”