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An innovative, global leader in flexible learning, Southern Californian International University is known for providing equal access to high-quality education regardless of socioeconomic status income, location, gender, race, age or religion. Our online academic program prepares students for the career of their future. No matter where you are in the world, you can stay connected to the University staff and your classmates through our global network groups.

You do not have to worry about transferring credits to another University as a result of a relocation, you may continue your course work wherever you go. With a wide variety of courses taught in English along with flexible payment options, Southern Californian International University is able to assist you achieve your degree. At Southern Californian International University you can develop skills, gain valuable experiences that will provide an advantage in your career.

Time and place flexibility

SCIU allows you to schedule where and when you complete your coursework. You may study at work, home, while traveling, anywhere and anytime. You are able to work your academic program into your schedule.

Learning at a pace that works for you

SCIU students do not stress about life’s schedule changes. Their academic schedule is in their own hands!

Supportive learning

Professors provide academic expertise, guidance, and feedback. More than that, our specialists are on hand to help with any questions.

Progress monitoring charts

SCIU provides real time academic progress. You are able to track your progress, motivate yourselves, and set your own progress goals.

US learning with no travel costs

SCIU is home to some experiences professors in the U.S. You have the opportunity to learn from the best in the comfort of your own home. You are able to earn a SCIU degree from any continent in the world.

Social environment

SCIU encourages students to enhance their education through tutorials, online conferences, study networks, and course forums. You can make global friends, expand your network, and learn all at the same time!

Flexible payment

You may purchase courses separately, or save 15% off the cost of tuition by paying for the entire program in advance.

Free registration until July 1, 2017

Receive Credits for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)  Towards Your Degree

Graduate easy and faster

Have you ever spent all day working, but at the end, after at least eight hours of straight desk time, you had to study for your exams? We will help you claim credits for the knowledge you already have. In other words, we help you receive course credits for up to 50% of your degree with our evaluation of your experience.

Save thousands of dollars

You can earn many credits toward your associate or bachelor’s degree. Southern Californian International University allows you to apply relevant learning, work and life experiences to earn up to 50% of required credits. Credit Transfer recognise previous experience and/or previous formal, non-formal and informal learning.

For only $299 you get up to 50% of your degree with our RPL program!

Study smarter, not harder! Get up to 0% of your degree with our Recognition of Prior Learning Program!

Our Student Success Formula

We built an education program making it easy for long distance students like yourself to achieve a degree.

Credits for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

For a small fee ($299) students save thousands of dollars through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program. SCIU will evaluate your prior knowledge, skills, work experience, hobbies, formal and informal education to give students credits towards their degree program.

Help and Support

Through our internal forum, students can connect anytime with professors and other students to debate ideas, discuss course material, and receive assistance mastering concepts.


Each course includes interactive textbooks, quizzes and projects. Students avoid expensive travel costs, learn at their own pace, and motivate themselves by checking progress monitoring charts.

Degree and Certificates

Students are able to earn their degree quickly and easily as well as get international recognition for your resume/CV (Curriculum Vitae).

To apply to our evaluation for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or register for courses click here.

After registration, it takes up to 30 days to verify your documents.

Our Journey Together

Complete the online registration form!

Free registration until July 15, 2017.

Apply to the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program and send documentation for evaluation to get up credits toward degree programs!

Our Credits for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is optional.

Payment options:

  • Purchase the entire program and enjoy a 15% discount,
  • Separate fee for each course.

Based on your credits for RPL you can get up to 50% of your degree savings thousands of dollars.

Enjoy full access, 24/7, to our online platform, including:

  • test results and evolution charts,
  • student forums,
  • all your courses,
  • teacher support.

Earn your degree easily and get international experience for your resume/CV (Curriculum Vitae).

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration $199 one time fee.

Free registration until July 15, 2017.

The RPL Program is only $299 one time fee. SCIU evaluates your prior experience to determine credits toward degree programs.

Payment options:

  • Purchase all the program and enjoy 15% discount
  • Separate fee for each course.

 Find out program prices after registration!

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